Édouard Glissant : in the Sunlight of Conscience

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Collection of four films :

• Marc’O’s unpublished film with Édouard Glissant
• film directed by Federica Bertelli with Patrick Chamoiseau and Édouard Glissant
• interview about racism and identity with Lilian Thuram
• exploration of some of Edouard Glissant’s key concepts by Yovan Gilles

Utopia by Marc’O
in French, subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese
In June 2004 the University of Bologna conferred Édouard Glissant with an Honorary doctorate in Foreign Languages and Literatures. Glissant chose to focus his acceptance speech on Utopia : for ‘the humanities have never needed Utopia as much as they do today’. Referring to Gilles Deleuze’s idea of the ‘Utopia of a missing people’, Glissant also emphasised the need to distance our notion of Utopia from normative concepts of ideal worlds. The presentation of Glissant’s Bologna speech was to be Marc’O’s final film. The latter’s distinctive image processing interacts with our understanding of Glissant’s words, whether we are reading them or hearing them spoken.

Imagining Globality, excerpts from two conversations with Édouard Glissant and Patrick Chamoiseau by Federica Bertelli (32’ - 4:3) reedition*
in French, subtitles in English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese
Both Martiniquan writers call for the necessity of questioning our framework of thought, of re-thinking our notions of creolization and globality in order to reestablish our relationship with the world. They also explore the notion of relationship-based identity to replace the notion of origin-based identity, which is a source of innumerable conflicts all over the world.

Man is a Remedy for Mankind (32’ - 4:3) reedition*
in French, subtitles in English
Lilian Thuram, former football player and founder of the Foundation of Education against Racism, evokes how the children of immigrants experience the question of identity. The debate over "national identity," as well as the so-called dangers of immigration are steering the conversation away from the aspiration of social justice without discrimination. 

Creoles, creolization, identity (20’ - 16/9)
in French, subtitles in English
Exploration of some of Edouard Glissant’s key concepts by Yovan Gilles.

*Originally released in the dvd Identities and future (exhausted)

This DVD is edited with the support of the Business Directorate culture of Martinique and the Ministry of Overseas Territories.