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DVD 5 PAL / 2 films et 2 interview / 82’

Poïética (2008 - 29 mins)
a film by Cristina Bertelli
Image treatment : Marc’O

A film based on Nouvelles Images (electronic imagery) devised by Marc’O at France’s Institut National de l’Audiovisuel in the late 70s, reworking Renaissance and Mannerist pictures as well as original photographs. The commentary takes the form of an enquiry into the nature of art, the future of representation and the inherent contradictions of contemporary society, with particular regard to gender issues - beyond polarized sexuality.
Commentary by : Cristina Bertelli. Editors : Marc’O and Andrea Paracchini. Original score by : Sébastien Bondieu.

Veneris dies (2008 - 16 mins)
a film by Federica Bertelli
Commentary and artwork by Marc’O
A film based on drawings by Marc’O that provide a sarcastic, visual comment on one of his own plays, an extract of which is read by the author. The language is crude and poetic, providing a lucid, tongue-in-cheek vision of sexual potency.

Interviews with Marc’O (12 mins) et Bernard Benoliel - Cinémathèque française - (25 mins)

Marc’O has directed many plays for the theatre. He is also a writer and film-maker (best known for the movie Les idoles), as well as a leading member of several artistic movements, starting in the 1950s and right up to the present.